October 2008 | Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship (ALAF) ‘Disability and Development – Leadership in Asia and the Pacific’

PWDA acted as the lead agency in partnership with the Aboriginal Disability Network (ADN), Australian Council for International  Development (ACFID), Australia Pacific Islands Disability Support (APIDS), Encompass Community Services Inc. and Vision Australia to provide the ‘Disability and Development –  Leadership in Asia and the Pacific’ ALAF Program 2008.

This 2008 program targeted people with disability for the first time, many of whom represent Asian and Pacific Disabled Peoples Organisations (DPO) and provided ground breaking opportunities to empower people with disability to gain both control and a voice.

2004 -2008 | Council Meetings of the Pacific Disability Forum

PWDA participated in Pacific Disability Forum Council Meetings throughout 2004-2008 where members approved audited financial reports, received annual reports from the Executive Committee and CEO, and endorsed upcoming work plans and budget.