PWDA has at its core a human rights approach to development. We strive to overcome the environmental and attitudinal barriers which limit the capacity and opportunity of people with disability to participate on an equal basis and use UN Conventions and other key human rights instruments to guide and frame this work.

We believe all people with disability have the right to make their own decisions rather than being passive recipients of choices made on their behalf. To this end we are committed to sharing our capacity to develop the ability of others to defend and promote their human rights.

Guiding principles

  • People with disability are people first.  Environmental and attitudinal barriers limit the capacity and opportunity of people with disability to participate on an equal basis, not a person’s disability.
  • ‘Nothing  about us without us’ – people with disability must be afforded the opportunity  for self determination. Self  determination is essential for achieving true equality.
  • People with disability possess many skills and  abilities and have enormous potential for life-long growth, development and  contribution.