2009-2010 Media Releases 2010

7 December Disability Rights  Organisations launch National Shut In Campaign 120kb Word

3 December PWD Vodcast calling on the NSW Government to close institutions in NSW

3 December People with disability at risk of violence in licensed boarding houses 41kb Word

3 December C losure of Institutions - longed-for reality or another promise to be broken? 37kb Word

2 December Speech by Andrew Constance, Shadow Minister for Ageging and Disability Services 31kb Word

26 August People with Disability say close institutions but NSW Government continues its regressive policy 39kb Word

17 August New Government must end violence against people with disability 38kb Word

13 August People with Disability Australia (PWD) calls on the next Federal Government to close all institutions housing people with disability Word 37kb

12 August Making Rights Real - Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) Word 36kb

10 August People with disability want a fair go - not ""goodies" Word 36kb

10 August Mental Health - Recognising the rights of people with  Psychosocial Disability Word 39kb

4 August Disability and Decision 2010 - The Coalition Need to Get it Right! Word 37kb

27 July Tackling the Barriers: PWD welcomes Government initiatives  to make our community accessible Word 37kb

26 July Creating  Tomorrow’s Leaders: PWD welcomes Government Initiative Word 31kb

9 June PWD challenges decision by NSW Government to redevelop institutions Word 41kb

9 June NSW Budget is simply Old money for Old ideas Word 31kb

21 May Rights for Boarding House residents - Time to Act! Word 33kb

12 May Changes to disability supports  cannot leave the vulnerable behind Word 107kb

30 April PWD Signs ACFID Code of Conduct Word 648kb

19 April Hon. Bill Shorten to launch breakthrough Indigenous Initiative Word 2MB

15 March New building access standards a victory for human rights Word 37kb

12 March Forced sterilisation of children with disability is unacceptable Word 37kb


3 December Human Rights will end poverty for People with Disability - International Day of People with Disability Word 58kb

24 November Jetstar in the hot seat in the Federal Court over wheelchair access Word 187kb

24 November Entitlement to assistance and  support, not handouts Word 30kb

23 March Undiagnosed Impairment in Indigenous Communities Response to Lateline program Word 164kb


PWDA in the Media 2010

28 April
'Wheelchairs on Jetstar' - Video on the Channel 10 website
This story was followed by 'Ease the pain of air travel for disabled' by Nicolas Patrick from DLA Phillips Fox Legal Firm, SMH Editorial

16 March
'The moral quandary of sterilising a child' by George William, Sydney Morning Herald
This article was responded by Letter to the Editor 18 March 2010 Word 36kb by Jan Daisley PWDA Acting-President