PWDA advocates across a range of issues and themes regarding people with disability.

Access to Justice

People with disability often find their access to justice is diminished by law and other institutional mechanisms to protect and promote their rights is often denied. 

Boarding House Reform

People with disability living in licensed and unlicensed boarding houses face numerous human rights violations, largely due to the out-dated legislative, policy and practice frameworks which govern these forms of accommodation.


People with disability in Australia have more barriers to a fair go than in almost any other developed country in the world. At the heart of this lies the reality that employment prospects for people with disability are dramatically lower than for other people in Australia.

Sterilisation of People with Disability

Non-therapeutic sterilisation of persons with disability is a particularly egregious form of human rights abuse and one that impacts particularly on girls and women with disability.  Comprehensive law reform is required to provide effective guarantees against such abuse.

Transport and Mobility Allowance

A diverse group of people with disability organisation have come together to campaign for better transport funding for people with disability.

United Nations Disability Convention (CRPD)

We played an ongoing important role in the development of the United Nations Disability Convention (CRPD) between 2004 to 2006 by organising national consultations and consultations with members and attending sessions of the UN Ad Hoc Committee.

Violence, Abuse & Neglect Issues

It is well documented that people with disability, especially girls and women with disability, are over-represented as victims of crime. People with disability are more likely to be victims of violence, fraud and sexual assault. They are also more likely to experience multiple episodes of all forms of abuse and neglect.