Created: 16 January 2017

Assistance is available for people with disability who have received a letter from Centrelink about a possible debt they owe.

The Federal Government has introduced a new way of matching people's income information between the Australian Tax Office and Centrelink. This has meant that many people have been getting letters from Centrelink that tell them they have owe a debt. There have been many reported problems with this new system.

The National Social Security Rights Network has produced a fact sheet that outlines what people need to do if they have received a debt notice letter from Centrelink.

PWDA, as part of DPO Australia, has raised concerns about this process, and will be talking with the Federal Government about this over the next few weeks. ACOSS has raised similar concerns as has the National Social Security Rights Network

You may be able to get assistance from:

Please also let your local Federal MP know about any problems you are having.

The Not My Debt website is also collecting individual stories about this issue. They are holding protest rallies in the week commencing 30 January 2017.